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 Welcome To It's Just A Bowl Of Cherries

A Bit About Us

Not once did we even consider the factor of aging when making the decision to parent our great nieces.


Guess what?


It makes a huge difference! 


After the realization set in and I began to think of all that the coming years would entail, I, truly, began to pray that God keep us spry.

We've made it through bottles and diapers.

We're into the school saga now.

*Thinking of all things extracurricular and trying not to roll my eyes.*


I sure hope E is NOT for Exhausting!

And, I won't even mention the terror common core strikes in my heart!

(We are, seriously, trying to figure out how to get homeschooling into this mix. I'll keep you posted.)

But, hey! I shouldn't ever fret about any of that stuff, because 

 I realized years ago, that God is answering the above prayer and then some!


I, also, began to realize years ago just how many of us there are.

As in, people who are stepping up to parent again.

Willing to take in a child (often children!)

who—through no fault of their own—were left abandoned

or that have been removed from their homes.


God bless you for that.


This, just when we are entering (or nearing) the next phase of our lives... retirement! 


This web site is for us. 


And, for them.


Let's band together.


A force united.

Lifting each other up and learning along the way.


You know a little. I know a little.


Let's share.


It's time to break the cycle.

Charelle Wilson

Writer And Site Founder

Perhaps, one day, our staff will grow. For now, it's just us. 😏

Don't worry. We'll be fine.

*Doing my best Don Henley*  

🎶 We're  a fam on a mission. 🎶

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