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Grooving Through the Revolution—It's Time to FLY!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I'm one of those people who pretty much keeps a running dialogue going with God throughout my day. I don't think to bring Him in on every single situation yet—but I'm getting there! Lately, I've become more aware of the fact that when I have questions that I need to have answered or confirmation about whether or not I'm on the right track about something I believe or how I should deal with a situation, I'm hearing back pronto! Seriously, I am.

I'll give you a very recent example.

You might need a little back story

This may sound peculiar, but, hey, what's new when it pertains to me, right?

Throughout my life sometimes I get a really strong, positive vibe about someone. I mean I feel a deep connection with them that I couldn't quite explain—it happens still but, now, I can explain. It's one of the purposes of this post.

I did form relationships with some of the people I felt that connection with and they last to this day even if I rarely see them. You know what I'm talking about, right? No matter how much time has passed—decades even—you pick things up exactly where you left off. Happy to be spending time together. Kindred spirits.

I don't always have to be meeting the person face to face. Sometimes, the feeling happens with celebrities. Musicians too. When I hear their music, I feel connected. My feeling of being connected with these specific celebrities and musicians has never changed. Of course, one can argue that it's the music or the person's acting skills that causes these feelings but I beg to differ. It's something much deeper than that.

I'm always thrilled when God pops one of the people I met in real-time back into my life out of the blue even for the briefest of chats. I love them. It energizes my soul in a way I can't really explain. Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle has the same effect. It fills me with hope every time.

Randy popped on this Steve Miller performance the other day and it pulled me right in because I love to listen to him. And, Fly Like an Eagle... Come on, now. Who couldn't groove to that beat? And, the lyrics are nothing but inspirational. Do you agree?

Believe it or not, I remember when this song hit the airwaves. And, I felt the connection. I was around 13 years old. I know what you're thinking... and, yes, I am old! Good thing I realize age is just a number, huh? 😉

Sometimes, I need to know that I know

This day, as the song above played, the lyrics, as always, resonated deep within me. But, there was more! The music had a more rhythmic flow than the normal version and the guys were jamming! And, then, out of nowhere a rap artist came out. I'm sorry. I don't know his name and wasn't able to dig it up. If you know who he is, please share! Thank you in advance.

Here's part of what he had to say:

We got to fly like an eagle to the sea

So everyone can be

What they got to be

Let freedom ring so everybody can sing the same song

You know, we got to get along

*Jumping to the end. Listen. He's a very wise man.*

We got to get it right

This is not a doubleheader

Got to bring the fight—livin' life to the letter

We got to ignite

Yeah, we got to stick together

And weather the storm

More evil and corruption than ever before

We got to keep our children safe from harm

See eye to eye, stand arm in arm

Yeah, we got to be strong

Got to be fierce if we want to win the battle

Got to be proud, standing tall in the saddle

We got to fly like an eagle to the sea

So everyone can be what they're meant to be


Let me tell you, I was pumped. I felt the spirit of the Lord all over that. It prompted me to strike up a conversation. I'd already been thinking that the lyrics to this song, written around half a century ago, were speaking to where our nation is going when we put God back at the helm. I started wondering if Steve Miller is a believer. Then when the rap started, I was even more inspired. I had to speak up! (Paraphrasing because I know it's not going to be an exact quote of my prayer.)

"Wow, God, the lyrics to this song are nothing short of prophetic. They have brought hope to the people all these years as time passed. And, now, I know it's time for the eagle to fly because you have said it will be so. And, the rap is confirmation of that, isn't it? Now, I know why this song has always resonated so deeply within me! He's one of us, isn't he? Does Steve Miller know you, know you? He does, doesn't he? Tell me, will you? Am I right?" I was getting excited at this point... I mean, jamming with Steve Miller for eternity? Can you imagine?!

I wound up the conversation. Still, even though I felt I was right... I wanted to know for sure!

The song was winding down by that time and as it did, Randy said, "Wow. Look at this. 1973." He clicked play. You should too. I am. Let's 🎵 fly through the rev-o-lu-tio-uh-uh-un. 🎵

I feel the spirit moving within me this second just as I did that day.


The video starts with him playing "God rest ye, merry gentlemen, let nothing more dismay. They say that Christ the Savior was born on Christmas Day. To save us all from Satan's power where we had gone astray..."

Can you believe that?!

I asked God for confirmation and Randy was compelled to click a video down the line-up. The song began with an excerpt from "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman." A song that shares the story of Jesus' birth. And that He came to defeat the darkness.

I'm still telling Him thank you for that.

He wants to connect

Doubt me on that? Ask Him. Do it. Get real and talk to Him instead of talking at Him. It seems that's what many people call prayer today. Talk to Him and expect an answer. Tell Him you need confirmation.

You'll never regret it.

God is getting up close and personal with believers, both old and new. More so now than ever before because a great change is coming to the earth. The church is going to come together as one and get about the business of taking Jesus to the masses. The real Jesus, not the one that the world portrays. We're going to take back the gifts He left to the church that were slowly and methodically stolen away from us.

We're being unleashed on the world! He wants you to be part of that. Are you questioning that I know what I'm talking about? Take it to the source and He'll set you straight.

We can pray right now to break the ice. If you don't feel as if you receive your answer immediately, keep your eyes and ears open! When something happens that makes you think, "Hey, was that it?" Ask Him to confirm it and confirm it again, if necessary. He did it for Gideon giving him the courage and faith he needed to take on the Midianites. A huge group of nomadic people that had oppressed the Israelites long enough. You can read about that in Judges 7 if you'd like. What a story! You will be amazed at how it turned out. God IS.

Like Gideon, your faith will grow with each confirmation you receive. Moreover, your connection to God will grow stronger as well. You'll begin to immediately recognize His voice.

Anyway, back to striking up a conversation!

Father, God,

I know you're speaking to people all around the world more directly now. We don't have to be afraid of what's to come for it is YOU! Thank you for rescuing your people one last time from our rampant descent into evil and letting debauchery reign supreme, further corrupting the minds of our children to accept bizarre behavior as normal. I'll just leave all the darkness there. You know what's going on here and you've heard us crying out for help. Help has arrived!

Let anyone reading this feel Your presence with them, the stirring of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, urging them to ask you what they need to know. I know You will answer. Oh, we love you, Father! Thank you for sending Jesus to be the bridge between us. Thank you, Jesus, for coming. It's Your sacrifice that allows me to lay this request so boldly at the Father's feet and know He will honor it.


If you prayed, I'm excited for you! You're about to hear from GOD! Keep pressing into Him. He wants You to create a bond with Him that is as unique as you are.

Do you need to come to know Jesus as your Savior and Lord? Breaking the door of communication wide open so that you can experience the love of the One who loves you most? Just pray a simple prayer. Admit to God that you know you've done things that are wrong. Tell Him that you believe that Jesus is His one and only Son. Then ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior. Lastly, if you're ready to jump in wholeheartedly, ask Him to use you in this world.

That's all it takes to become part of God's family. Honest.

I'm right here... over on the Cherries page, actually, no comments set up here... if you need me.

See you next time.



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