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Little Things Mean A Lot

After my realization that the babies were no longer babies and how completely overwhelmed I was for, oh... I don't know... years, I'm sure. I found myself wondering if it had, adversely, affected the girls.

I can imagine someone interjecting here with, "Hey! Didn't you just champion God, Himself, in your last post for being the reason you can live for the day and not worry about the past or future?"

Yes, I did. But no one's immune to those fiery darts, it's what you do after they strike you that helps or hurts. Rather than letting them make their mark when they hit, you have to...

I've used some of my new found "free" time the last couple of days to start gathering pictures into one file on the pc. Tablet pictures, my phone, Randy's phone, the digital camera... Wow!

We took tons of pictures of our kids when they were little, but technology has certainly put a whole new spin on that game, hasn't it?

We have beaucoup pictures of the girls! And, we have, recently, discovered the joy of actually using the video recorder! If I can get that to be second nature... Look out! The YouTube channel may be coming soon! Baha!

I'm kidding (sort of 😉) about the YouTube channel, but guess what I am finding in the pictures as I begin to sort through?

Happy Babies!

And, oh, the memories those pictures stirred up! No chance of darts flying when looking at those!!


Don't duck for cover. That was me shooting an arrow, high into the air, streaming hearts and pretty little flowers behind it. *Insert the sizzling sound of the fiery dart being extinguished as I drench it with a bit of Living Water!*

Those pictures proved to me that even though I may have felt the weight of stress from all the angles that it was being hurled my direction, I didn't let it steal my joy. I didn't let it keep me from, ultimately, focusing on those little things that are so precious. And I have not even viewed my way to Chloe's first birthday yet!

OK, this one is a few months after Chloe turned one. I pulled it off Facebook for you.

We have captured some big moments since the girls have come. The most exciting being that our son got married that first summer . And, they asked Cynthia to be their flower girl! Our youngest (to date!) grandson was born the following summer. (And, since the original post, his sister has joined the family!) We've made a couple of trips to the city to the zoo. There are other examples, but you get my drift, right?

Mostly, though, picture after picture will be like these two collages.

💞 The little things. 💞

They should be our top priority! Keep that in perspective and the rest will work itself out.

If you're in the midst of it, whatever it is, don't let the liar throw thoughts in your brain that are meant to eat at you until you explode one way or another. Choose instead to listen for the still, small voice. I'll be saying little prayers that you hear it loud and clear! And, that I do, too! Believe me!

Hang in there!

See you next time.



Shake It Off Photo Courtesy: Thanks!

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