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Red and Yellow, Black and White, We're All Precious In His Sight

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

  • Be a good sport.

  • Tell the truth.

  • Be kind.

  • Share with those less fortunate than yourself.

  • Always stand up for what's right.

These are all excellent morals to instill in children to help them grow into adults who possess integrity. The world sure could use more of it. Are you teaching your kids to run a good race in life?

As parents, we want to make sure we don't get sidetracked on a path that puts up a hurdle our kids might not be able to jump though.

Do you agree with the plan to introduce critical race theory (CRT) into all school systems for our children aged kindergarten through college? Is it okay with you to teach children that just because a person is white, they should be mindful of their place in history—which was causing pain and suffering—by proxy, I guess, because none of us were there.

It's not okay with me.

It's wrong to think white people should still be held accountable for things that went on hundreds of years ago. Even though prejudice still exists, a lot has changed. I've witnessed it in my lifetime. Sure, there are those that have passed on the hate... Sadly, there will always be those stirred to spread darkness. Still, I think a large number of people in my generation said we aren't going to be like that.

And, we weren't.

We had paid attention to the lives of Rosa Parks, Dr. King, and Elizabeth Eckford of Arkansas and most of us realized that we all bleed the same. We heard the cries of inequality and agreed. Segregation is wrong.

As we grew up, most of us went on to make a difference the only way we knew how. We built relationships.

We didn't let color effect our views of someone. The person's character spoke for them. We made friends with all people. It didn't matter to us what color you were, where you came from, or what happened in the past. We grabbed the moment and lived it.

Lifelong friendships were the result for many. Some relationships grew into love.

Interracial couples caused a huge stir among a lot of older people back in the 70s, but, hopefully, only until there was a baby born into the family. I believe the babies are part of God's plan to heal the division of race in America. And, for the record, I believed that even before I witnessed it happen within my own family. We'd already made progress—because, frankly, our son-in-law is nothing short of amazing! Still, when this precious soul arrived, it was all behind us for sure!

Healing has happened in millions of families though. Yours may have been one of them too.

I was horrified to learn that CRT would teach my children that we were "less than" because of the color of our skin. Moreover, that they would be made to feel they owed restitution of sorts for crimes against humanity committed centuries ago leading all the way up to the here and now.

I can't understand how anyone of sound mind could view this as a healthy lesson plan. I don't see how it could be anything but detrimental. Tearing down one people group to build up another is only continuing down the wrong road. We want to be united as a nation, however, that philosophy just continues to breed division.

As a parent, and child of the Most High God, I feel I need to take a stand. You should too. We can't allow this to continue.

While I'm on the soapbox

What about the gender identity issue? Do you think it's okay for the school system to influence your child's thinking in those matters?

Is it the school's responsibility to teach children about gender identity?

Before you answer:

  • Were you aware that parents, who feel that this topic should be taught in the home—and their are millions of us—can't opt their children out of the classes because they are taught under the guise of bullying?

  • Did you know that lots of children feel confused after participating in these classes—as if something is wrong with them if they don't question their gender? Especially, girls who played with trucks and ran with the boys in the neighborhood! Or, boys who wanted to be a hands on Daddy taking control of the dolls when playing house. Seeds of doubt about them being born with the right gender clouded their minds.

  • Lastly, for now—but I encourage you to dig deeper on your own, Abigail Shrier, a writer for the Federalist and oft time contributor to the Wall Street Journal, shared her findings on this subject. She stated that parents have no idea about the extreme views being taught in their child's school and gave an example. A class of Kindergartners in the state of California whose teacher told them that their sex was randomly decided at birth. The teacher then goes on to tell them it is now their mission to discover what their gender truly is. And, anyone who tries to tell them differently is abusing them.

Why is the school system grooming our children to question their sexual identity?

There is absolutely no reason for them to be presenting this information to our students—especially elementary and high school aged students. Their brains are still developing and they are incapable of making sound decisions at some points during its development. Not to mention the fact that it's been scientifically proven that exposure to porn on a consistent basis actually changes the brain... and not for the better.

If sexuality wasn't shoved down their throats at every turn, most elementary aged kids wouldn't even give it a thought. They would enthusiastically be about the business of being a kid.

How do I know that? The people in my generation were elementary students too. We were not consumed with our sexuality. Or anyone else's. And, had I thought to ask what the norm was for my parents and grandparents... I'm fairly certain that sexuality wasn't a primary focus for their generations either.

I feel a digression coming on... but I believe you need to hear this information so off I go.

This type of teaching is adversely affecting our kids—especially teen girls. They confuse sexual dysphoria with gender identification and become convinced that they should have been born a male. Parents, for reasons I have yet to figure out, apparently, wholeheartedly allow them to move forward with gender reversal.

These girls come to regret the decisions they made when at some point they realize that they weren't meant to be a boy. . Only, now, they have permanently changed their bodies by taking hormones and other drugs. Some have even gone as far as having their breasts removed. Of course, there are boys who realize they were intended to be males all along, as well.

It's a horrifying cycle of events. How could it have gotten to this extreme?

They don't want you to see the forest for the trees...

CRT and gender identity all stem from the same dark place—the father of lies. The world has got to quit listening.

I want to get back to the "if you're white you're a racist" train of thought though.

I realize that the black race was treated horrifically and that they have bared the mark of stigmatism for generations afterward. I remember being taught in history class that the tribal rulers were gathering up their people to sell into slave trade. That got erased from the books somewhere along the way. I don't know if children were/are taught that the white man went over and rounded them up, forcing the entire population into slavery or if the question of "how did they get here?" is even addressed.

But, thinking that we, who are alive here and now, are still to be held accountable for what happened hundreds of years ago is nothing short of irrational. The American Indians were nearly obliterated—there's no other way to look at that. According to an article published by the Wisconsin Press: Research estimates of the pre-contact Americas natives to be as high as 112 million in 1492, while others estimate the population to have been as low as eight million. In any case, the native population declined to less than six million by 1650.

Disease ran rampant through the Indian civilization and the desire to take over territorial rights instigated wars. The white man had a hand in manipulating all of it.

Not all white men though... just those pulling the strings. The "string pullers" were the key players in the slave trade, too, by the way. Their manipulative tactics made oppression seem right and many people blindly followed.

I want you to step back and look at the big picture with me for a minute, now, will you, please?

I want people to realize that using race and other forms of division to pit us against each other is a carefully calculated ploy by those with evil intent.

The supremacists.

I want to help people see that we don't want to travel the path that allowing CRT and gender identity being taught to our children will take us. It's destroying our country and it's breaking God's heart.

I've been asking Him how best to address this topic for nearly two weeks now. I'm going to relay the answer as best I can.

There's no gray area here

Skin color means nothing to God; we were all created in his image. He sees only two people groups—those who know Him and those who don't. He desperately wants all of us to know Him and accept His free gift of salvation. Asking Jesus to be our personal Lord and Savior is the only way to be reconciled to God. Without it, we're doomed to separation from our Creator for eternity. And, though we've been led to believe we'll be left at the mercy of the other one—who will give none—I've recently come to believe that won't be the case.

Satan decided he wanted to be like God and talked 1/3 of the angels into joining him to war against God. He was cast to the earth and prowls about to and fro looking for whom he may deceive. I don't think God ever planned to reward him by allowing him to rule over the souls that were cast into hell with him. I believe he'll be gnashing his teeth right along with everyone else.

I may be wrong, of course, but once the "why would God reward that" thought came to mind and I started talking to God about it, it's sticking pretty solid. And, it makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

But, I digress...

Personally, I think skin color came into play when God zapped people to all parts of the earth at the tower of Babel. I know there are those of you who are smirking right now, thinking something along the lines of, "Like that ever really happened."

My response to you is, "Well, he's God so...yeah. It happened. He probably didn't snap His fingers or anything either. He spoke it and—


Skin color was merely a gift from God allowing human bodies to adapt to a new environment. It doesn't state that fact specifically in Genesis, but, again, it makes a lot of sense.

Seeing things in black and white

By its very definition, we can't specifically add "white" to the word supremacist and call it a done deal.

There are supremacists in every race. They're motives are warped because they are driven by dark forces.

That's the only way you can look at that.

To hold an entire race responsible for the actions of the bad actors is, well, actually, the word ludicrous springs to mind—except for the fact that this isn't funny in the least.

The supremacists—the ones who believe they are above the rest of us—are stirring the pot of division, as they have for century upon century. They infiltrated every aspect of our lives from the world of business to dividing the church. Advocating the break down of the American family was another huge score for the supremacists. Their plot has involved distracting us with race, religion, and wars.

Couple that with the "yolo" distractions of indulgent behaviors and technological devices that constantly bombard us with fragments of information and constant entertainment and it makes it easier to see how we've allowed the wool to grow over our eyes.

Ever so subtly, our nation has been coaxed—dare I say herded—farther and farther away from the way God would have us live our lives. Most never saw it coming either. The vast majority of us bought it all... hook, line, and sinker. God's word tells us to be careful because Satan can appear as an angel of light and that in these last days, things that are wrong in the eyes of God will be made to seem right. We got blinded by the light because we failed to press in and seek God's face. Instead, we fell prey to the teachings of men who tickled our ears with self-indulgent behaviors who had been blinded as well.

It's a diversionary tactic

If the supremacists—that group of elites that truly believe they are superior and should therefore dominate society—keep us pitted against one another, it makes it easier for them to keep advancing toward reaching their ultimate goal—world domination. *shaking my head* You wouldn't think that people could truly be that freaking evil!

Still, it's going to happen one day and it will be ushering in the rule of the antichrist.

Until then, we must take to heart that their intent is to divide.

Yes, the black people have suffered horribly in the past and many still suffer injustice to this day. Slavery, segregation, racism... all brought on by the darkest side of humanity.

The bad cops who treat blacks unfairly are part of the dark side too. And, because that's so, I believe those same men and women abuse their power and treat all races unjustly. They do it because they feed on a sick sense of power. They achieve it by causing pain, anxiety, and keeping hate alive. The fact that they may not even allow themselves to realize it makes them a willing tool.

Satan will take advantage of that.

Slavery has been around forever. Other people groups have suffered because of it. I'm just going to make a broad sweep to make my point here, okay?

  • The Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians for 430 years.

  • The Jews vs Hitler

  • Aborted babies are the most oppressed people group. Since 1973, 60 million American children never got to take a breath. There were 619,591 abortions reported to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2018 alone. Unmarried women accounted for 85% of them. And, .5%—or 3,198—of the abortions were performed on rape victims.

  • Right now—this very second—there are between 27 and 30 million people of all races enslaved by human trafficking. It's the fastest growing crime in the world. One third of the victims are children. They're used up and then the traffickers sell their organs. Children equal big money to a trafficker. They say all told, they can make a million dollars off a child over the three or four years that they live. If they aren't murdered or sacrificed before then, that is.

Those last two points should put things into perspective if nothing else I've said has made a dent. Trust me when I say that the supremacists are in on it. They're behind that too. They don't value any human lives but those living within their own elite bloodlines.

We have to stop dragging up the past and pull together, people! There are crimes against humanity happening every second of every day.

Sixty million lives were lost to abortion. They never saw the light of day, because we, as a nation, largely chose not to follow God's plan for our lives. We have to admit that. There's no way God would ever condone a continuous massacre of the most innocent of lives.

And, my stars, people. Thirty million people have gone missing and we're so distracted by gadgets, toys, and who did what to whom that we haven't even noticed!

Are those facts as devastating to you as they are to me?

Our hope and our salvation

God noticed. And he's not going to stand for the atrocity much longer. We are straight up in the midst of the battle of battles.

Good vs evil.

Of course, God wins. And, when the time is right, we're going to realize without doubt how far down the slippery slope the world has gone. God's showing up large and in charge. I can't prove any of this, but feel free to quote me because I know I'm right.

When it happens—and it's going to happen—reach out if you need me. I'll be glad to help it all sink in.

Let's get back to the task of healing the world. One relationship at a time if necessary. We truly are making great progress. I was going to pull statistics and true stories, but this is getting a bit wordy, yeah?

I think Michael Jackson represented the way that the majority of my generation feels pretty well, right here in this song. God's going to heal the world and the revival of revivals will spread 'round it. I can't wait!

Let's all lay our ick at the foot of the cross and get ready to help Him. He's getting ready to bring in the harvest! Many hearts are going to turn.

Lord, we thank you for what you are about to do. We give you all glory and honor. Turn our hearts to you. One body, one nation, one world under God. It's in the mighty name of Jesus that I pray. Amen

He's coming to make his presence known. Get ready to watch him, work!

See you next time.



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