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Well, Virginia, There Could Be A Santa Paws

I once read an article touting the fact that if you didn't get your dog a Christmas gift, you were setting him up for a depressing day, indeed. That made perfect sense to me. If the family is joyful, your dog is picking up on it! Just look at that goofy, tongue lolling grin! And, his tail will not quit! 😉

Of course, there are, also, studies "proving" the opposite. Dogs are oblivious to the fact that gifts are being exchanged. They are happy to be there sharing the moment and just want to bask in the glow. 😎

And, you know what? That makes sense to me, too.

We may never know if a dog actually realizes that everyone in his entire pack is getting stuff... good stuff... with the exception of you know who. Depending on the statistic you go by, of the 60.2 million dog owners in the United States, anywhere from 50-100% of us aren't taking any chances! We consider our dogs to be a member of the family. And, family gets a gift!

Did you know:

  • 25% Of Dog Owners Sign Fido's Name To Their Christmas Cards

  • Nearly 20% Of Dog Owners Spend More On Their Pets Than On Their Mother-in-Law (Wait... What? 😂)

  • 24 Million Dog Owners Hang Stockings For Their Pets

  • About The Same Number Purchased An Advent Calendar For Their Pooch

  • Probably More Than That Get Yearly Photos With Santa - No actual statistic found, but a search for one revealed page after page of where to have your pet's picture taken with the Big Guy.

If those statistics don't prove we LOVE our dogs, nothing will.

That second one, though! 😂

We, probably, ought not go around spouting that little tidbit of information, okay? Mum's the word. 😉

Now, on with the gift ideas! They, certainly, run the gamut! 

On The Simple Side

  • Commit To The Walk - That's a gift that you will, both, benefit from... And, I'm not just talking health wise!

  • A New Toy - Looking for a toy to help burn off some energy? If your dog loves to play fetch (or if you're planning to teach them soon), check out the Chuckit Ball Launcher.

  • Tasty Treats - Grab a few bags of their favorite treats or if you have some time and want to go the extra mile, we found these Christmas Cookie Recipes for dogs. They look delicious. Really! 

  • A Practical Gift - Dishes or A New Leash

Or You Are The Extravagant Type

  • Commit To The Walk - Doggie treadmills are all the rage. They range in price depending on the size of your dog.

  • A New Toy - The Chuckit is cool, but GoDogGo offers a ball launcher on a whole different level!

  • Tasty Treats - Google gift baskets and go crazy! Prices start around $50.00, but if you really want to go over the top, has a designer doggy cake that rocks a price tag of $1,250! Wow!

  • A Practical Gift - How about a new bed? The Louis XV Pet Pavilion sells for a mere $23,900... I know, right? I couldn't believe it either!

Whether we buy them a diamond studded collar, a cutting edge lucidium dog pen, or just a bag of their favorite treats, it's not what we spend on our pets (or our in-laws 😂) that matters.

The important thing is, be it extravagant or simple, the package waiting under the tree is a representation of our love for them.

Love is, definitely, what this season is all about! Let's Keep It Flowing Throughout The New Year!

See you next time,


PS Do you buy your pets a gift for Christmas? Pop over to the forum. Let's chat!

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