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Santa's Got A Brand New Bag

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

I have always said that Santa has the best job in the world!

By the way, I am clarifying, here and now, that I side with the 5 to 1. Totally. In no way am I claiming that the 1 in 5 are correct in the words you will read. This was written before the ludicrous statement causing such a buzz. Blech!

That being said...

I would love to be Santa Clause!

Why? Because, the thought of bringing joy to every child in the entire world is my cup of tea!

My fear of heights, however, could make flying off into the sky in an open sleigh a bit... well... terrifying! But, I would push through! I would not allow fear to keep me grounded! I'd white knuckle it all the way, but off I'd go - Oh! Ho! Ho!

Does Santa visit your house?

Never any contemplating here! We could not wait! From staying up nearly all night two nights before Christmas Eve to finish our month old daughter's handmade stocking that first Christmas as a Mommy to never being able to go to bed, myself, on Christmas Eve until the house was tidied up a bit in anticipation of Santa's visit... I am down! There is just something so magical about it, you know?

And, those years when they are ab-so-LUTE-ly certain that it is no helper, but Santa, himself! Priceless!

At some point, though, the thought would come.

"There will come a day..."

When that thought strikes you, don't panic!

We've lived the moment. Four times, now. I have something to share with you. The method is tried and true. An escape clause, if you will.

Sadly, the absolute certainty last Christmas was their last. Our children and their families were home for Christmas and we, Santas, got a bit too noisy. We woke up our youngest and, unbeknownst to us, she caught us at work.

Bless her heart, not a peep did she make about it until New Year's Day. She and her sister came to me with the question and I had to confess. It was not til afterward that Chloe admitted having seen us with the goods in hand.

I can not tell you how glad I was that I had been honest!!

What about this thought as to how you might handle this situation...

The time is at hand. He's looking, directly, into your eyes (or sobbing muffled words into his pillow after bursting through the door from school and dashing, tears streaming, straight for his room just one day - one day - before Christmas break... 😩) and asks you the question, it will be, oh, so tempting to gloss over it or sidetrack or...


You knew the day would come.

It's here.

Your child has opened up to you questioning a lifelong deception come to light.

Oh, sure. We can mutter under our breath something to the effect of "How dare they?!" Or... "I know it was that little So-and-So!" ...

But, in the heart of our Christmas hearts, we know that isn't what's really bothering us, is it?

Our child stands before us, questioning a lifelong deception. A deception that began, directly, with us. We have, intentionally, lied to our children. Of course, I doubt that thought even entered into your mind. Ours either. 😩

Oh, the magnitude of it all! How do we rectify that?

In the heart of your Christmas heart, you know the answer. There is only one way.

Tell. The. Truth.

I hope it's not as devastating as you've imagined. But, whether the reaction is a resigned, "I knew it." ...Or, more tortured sobbing into her pillow...

We can't just leave the poor child like that. Now, can we?

Might I suggest you rap him in your arms and whisper,

"You know... When you discover the truth about Santa Claus, you can be Santa Claus."

Let that bit of information sink in for a minute. Did some sparkle return to those beautiful eyes?

I hope so!

I will hope the sparkle spreads to yours, as well, while you plan how you will help Santa spread some Christmas joy to children (All People!) in need.

"Great plan!" you think to yourself, "But, what if the question comes while putting out the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve?" 😩

I, certainly, wouldn't blame you if you kept the dream alive, while promising yourself you will have the talk before New Year's. And, I'm trusting you to do that. 😇


What if you were at the ready and pulled out a beautifully wrapped package or two?

Imagine, you and your child slipping out into the Christmas Eve night to make this very special delivery.

No matter the package content! It contains whatever your child can imagine.

No matter the destination! It can be left anywhere! Around the corner or clear across town! 

This gift is not for the one who receives it.

This is a gift for you and your child. 

Whether it's in the days and weeks ahead or the eve of the celebration of God proving His great love for us by sending His one and only Son into the world that very first Christmas, your child will learn that the joy that comes at Christmastime has nothing to do with whether or not Santa is flesh and blood.

The joy of giving and expecting nothing in return... Now, that is a feeling we all need to experience.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Let love abound!

And, perhaps, this Christmas Eve, her dreams of sugar plums dancing will be for someone else.

Someone he does not even know.

After the angst our betrayal caused, that thought is a balm to the soul, isn't it?

And, just like that the true spirit of Christmas lives on.

Merry Christmas!



Santa's Bag Photo Courtesy of Santas.com Thank You!

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