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Symbolism is the Downfall

Updated: Apr 29

I spoke out about the controversy between the 2 Charismatic pastors as to whether or not one of them was wrong for calling out the other in public regarding the performance at the opening of the Strong Men's conference. It's an annual convention known for its amazing impact on men of faith hosted by the James River Church. And we should praise God for it! God's plan for families begins with strong men of God and—judging by the state the world finds itself in—they are becoming few and far between.

As soon as I saw the opening performance of the conference, I agreed with Mark Driscoll that a satanic ritual had been performed. Pastor Mark said at the start that he was not targeting an individual but rather rebuking the act that had given honor to the evil one. He added that it took place before even one scripture had been shared.

Methinks thou dost protest too much

We don't know the details as to why this performance took place. And media quickly began spinning things to fit their narrative... whichever side of the fence that they were on. And, of course, that really just resulted in a bunch of "he said," "he said."

I'm not condemning anyone other than the devil for this evil ploy. We must not forget that his main goal is to keep us away from all that God has for us. And since he was found out, he wants a lot of noise and chaos to ensue taking the light OFF the truth of the matter and ON the feud that may still threaten to explode into a much bigger problem.

How ever it came about, the devil was able to glorify himself first at the Strong Men's conference through the symbolism portrayed during the opening performance. And, apparently, no one but Mark Driscoll was aware that it was happening.

Still, I wonder if some of the men felt uncomfortable as they watched.

I sure did.

I believe he was spot on

Pastor Mark: I've been up since 1:00 in the morning. The reason I'm hoarse is I have been praying for you and my heart is very burdened for you and I want to be very careful with this—and it's not what I want to say—but the Jezebel spirit has already been here. The Jezebel spirit opened our event. This is a rebuke and a correction of no one.


Me again: Believe you me that I have been in prayer about this situation off and on ever since I posted my thoughts and plea for prayer on social media. Life keeps "life-ing" and I’ve not been able to delve into looking for Biblical reference until now but while talking to God about it, I've not once felt He was leading me in any direction other than that we must stay focused on the means to our end. This isn't about Pastor Lindell being taken aback, offended, or... choose your adjective. :) When somebody pushes our buttons, we tend to react immediately. Often without taking the time to reflect on the "big picture." I'm speaking from personal experience, but imagine that most all of you can identify, yeah?

The devil has infiltrated the church to varying degrees. And whether we choose to admit or not, it has all but rendered us defenseless. Whether or not this ritual was planned from the outset or was weaseled into the works by dark forces, there is no doubt that Mark Driscoll spoke truth about the symbolic ritual that he witnessed.


Driscoll didn’t say that Pastor John was responsible for allowing the ritualistic performance. He didn’t say the artist was to blame. He didn’t call out the son in public about whatever went on privately… I haven’t delved that far in but have heard he may be dealing with some dark issues... or did in the past? Not sure, but we don't need to go there.

Mark Driscoll was calling for darkness to be brought to light. Time will reveal the who, what, when of it all.

I'll repeat again that he stated at the first that he was REBUKING a satanic attack and condemning no one. Pastor Mark then began explaining the satanic ritual that had been put before the men that day.  I'm sure his hope was that everyone would come together to pray thanking God for his watch care over them in bringing it to light and rebuking the devil from further access to the men gathered there.

Take that as you may because I'm just speculating. He didn't have a chance to finish so we don't know what would have happened next. Still, that's what I'd be asking everyone to do for sure! If everyone united in prayer asking God to reveal truth... I have no doubt that He would have made His presence known.

Let's continue.


Pastor Mark: This is an observation. Before the word of God was opened there was a platform. It was a high place...


Me again: High places, very simply, were places of worship on elevated pieces of ground. High places were originally dedicated to idol worship (Numbers 33:52Leviticus 26:30), especially among the Moabites (Isaiah 16:12). These shrines often included an altar and a sacred object such as a stone pillar or wooden pole in various shapes identified with the object of worship (animals, constellations, goddesses, and fertility deities). It seems that, at times, high places were set up in a spot that had been artificially elevated; 2 Kings 16:4 seems to differentiate the “high places” from the “hills.”


Pastor Mark: On it was a pole, an ash—the same thing that's used in a strip club for women who have the Jezebel spirit to seduce men in front of—There was a man who ripped his shirt off like a woman does in front of a pole at a strip club.


Me again: I copied and pasted the information below. Further research on your own will give you proof beyond shadow of doubt.

These poles, or sometimes stylized trees, stood as a sacred monument and tribute to the Canaanite goddess, Asherah.

According to Canaanite myth, this mother goddess created several gods in the Canaanite pantheon with the other creator god, El. The Canaanites often worshipped her via trees (Asherah poles) because of her association with the tree of life. She, purportedly, gives life to 70 other gods in the Canaanite pantheon. 

She’s most famously the mother of Baal, another god who shows up throughout the Old Testament when the Israelites stray after other idols. She also has ties to fertility, hence 70 gods emerging from her union with El. 

In their mythology, the Canaanites (or Israelites of a certain Canaanite cult)—which means Israelites who entered the Promised Land and, despite God’s warning NOT to follow their pagan religion, did so—sometimes paired Asherah with Yahweh, as though she was Yahweh’s wife. Especially since El and Elohim have similar roots in name, it is suggested that maybe the Israelites formed a separate religion from a Canaanite one. 

God condemned the worship of Asherah poles (Exodus 34:13 makes it clear that He is the one and only and not one of a pantheon of gods, Deuteronomy 6:4) and condemned the Israelites engaging in pagan worship. The Canaanite religion fell under the umbrella of “pagan worship.” Any connection between God and Asherah is a perversion of the truth. God does not have a wife.

Pastor Mark: That man then ascended—see our God is NOT arrogant He doesn't ascend—our God is humble. He descends.


Me again: God walked on the earth with Adam until the fall. He then sent Jesus to the earth when He was no longer able to come here due to sin entering the world. Jesus came to redeem the world not condemn it. He took back all authority when He died on that cross.

He is Emanuel, God with us. Thereby, proving Mark's statement that God descends to us rather than us climbing up to grovel at His feet.


Pastor Mark: And then he swallowed a sword and Jesus…I concede. Okay Pastor John I'll receive that.


Me again: That was when Pastor John started protesting from off stage. I imagine that he would have gone on to explain that "swallowing the sword" was a symbol of the sword of truth again being "defeated." Pah! Hardly, devil. You LIE.

I'll admit that since I immediately thought "satanic worship," upon witnessing the performance, I first assumed the vehement protesting that ensued was due to being caught playing for the dark side. However, I shortly thereafter began to wonder if it was because the devil was the one freaking out. He had been exposed right off the bat. He was desperate to stifle the voice of truth. A volley of fiery darts may well have flooded Pastor John's mind in that instant.

Thoughts such as, "Why! How dare he! I am a respected voice of authority!" "What are people going to think?!" "How will the conference goers... the world even! ... respond to this?" "What if some believe I'm solely responsible?" "Our church is being attacked!"

Of course, I don't know if that's how it went down in his mind. But it certainly makes sense that if the devil's intent was exposed and rebuked, his first defense would be to strike with a volley of fiery darts to try and create chaos and division. It's harder to take those negative thoughts captive if the onslaught is causing panic. Yeah?

I've not looked to see what transpired throughout the rest of the conference. I hope God made His presence known bigly, despite the chaotic beginning.

I know and love two trusted sources who do NOT believe that Pastor Lindell would have intentionally allowed a satanic ritual to occur. I am willing to believe that as well because I want that to be the case. If it's not, we'll let God bring it to light. But at the same time, I will not condemn Pastor Mark for any wrongdoing.

And I don't mind telling you why.

Standing by a prophetic utterance

Within the last few weeks, I heard a prophet speak Mark Driscoll's name. I didn't know who Mark Driscoll was, but the word from the prophet was to bolster him because he was about to step into a task in which many would come against him. But God <~ I love it when those two words connect! ~told him to stand strong.

I believe that this is the time of which God warned.

I've been looking for that prophecy for the last couple of days because I wanted to post it here. But I can't find it... and truth be told, I'm not sure who it was that I heard speak the word. I've asked Holy Spirit to help me remember and... if it's necessary... I have no doubt it will pop into my mind, and I'll update this post.

For now, though, I still conclude that we need to look to the ISSUE and not to the men through which satan (he’s angered me to the point that I refuse to acknowledge him with a capital letter anymore) managed to bring honor and glory to himself before the Word of the Lord was spoken at the Strong Men’s conference in Springfield, Missouri.


Pastor Mark and Pastor John are mere men so rather than get caught up in which is right, I choose to look to God for that answer. I believe that the devil is so deeply intwined in the ways of the world that perhaps it could all be innocent as far as those who put together this conference are concerned.

The devil is a LIAR, and his fiery darts pierce our brains so seductively that we are swayed without realizing it. Seductively is a key word in that statement by the way. The Jezebel spirit is known for this trait. And I know that I know that it attacks churches through division… do not let us fall for that ploy one more second, family of God.

Instead, let’s help Him bring the darkness to light.

Prayer is a powerful thing

Prayer is our most powerful weapon in this fight! Personally, I envision that our prayers burst into the supernatural realm as beams of light piercing through the darkness that is lying in wait. Let's create a beacon, shall we?

Father God! We want only YOUR HOLY SPIRIT influencing the body of Christ. Not the Jezebel spirit or any other demonic force.

Awaken the church, Father! May we walk as one body despite the differences in regard to where we are in our spiritual walk. Trusting Jesus to lead the way, we can stay focused on Your truth.

We are but human and can’t possibly get it all right. The devil is well practiced at the art of deception and when our emotions are involved, it's sometimes hard to discern. However, if we stay focused on Your Word and Your Son and trust Your Holy Spirit to guide us, oh, what a force against the darkness we will become!


I trust You, Father God. I know that I KNOW that You will bring all the darkness to light. The world will soon know how deeply satan has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and is falsely claiming the glory that only YOU deserve.

As you have done repeatedly since the fall, set our path straight once more! We will go forth and help You bring in the last great harvest. And, in so doing, I know that I know that we will become the unblemished bride that You require for Your Son. And then, You will send Jesus to gather us. Though satan will then have his reign, You know that I hope against HOPE that there will be few for him to rule over until Jesus comes to end his time.


It’s crazy to me how much more I understand, spiritually, now, Father God. I was, indeed, born for such a time as this! And so were all the others here on this earth for You planned our creation even before You created the world. Round us ALL up, Father. Your church was duped, split, and fractured... but not beyond repair. Heal us now as we look to You for guidance in this matter.

I love you, Father God! Jesus… I wasn’t taught to converse with You much, but You know I’m trying to break through that, my brother. Thank you for Your sacrifice for not only did it make my reconciliation with our Father possible, but it allowed for Holy Spirit to come. A piece of GOD! And He lives in me! He has taught me much and I will follow His lead forevermore. Awaken Him within all believers. Keep stirring their spirit... creating a longing for someting more. I thank you for listening and know You will soon move on our behalf to a degree that the world has never seen. Hallelujah! You ARE the Great I Am! Show them, Father! Bring all the darkness to light.

So be it. And amen.

For the love of God


And that’s where I’m leaving this lie, my family and friends. I'm certain that God doesn’t want it to be about the men involved at all. I believe the "devil got in the details" again and is trying to take the light off what occurred by creating a spectacle over who's right and who's wrong. Yet, not one of us are perfect. We can all be called out for something or other.

Mark Driscoll exposed the act that dishonored God and God wanted him to SPEAK UP. Pastor Mark didn't want to attack or cause division. The devil planned to steal God's glory when he put his symbolism before the men of God that day. Mark Driscoll was on to him and, after seeking the Lord’s heart on the matter, knelt bravely before those gathered and CALLED HIM OUT.

He called out the devil. Not John Lindell or others in charge.

Let’s not let that go unheeded.


The prayers of the saints are powerful. God wants us to push back against the darkness in unified prayer. Please, let's thank Him for exposing this evil ploy rather than fighting about who is the evil man. Let's champion His rescue of the church and, thereby, the world! God wins hands down.

Let's celebrate that!

We can't forget who we're REALLY fighting against here so: "Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil. For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere." ~Ephesians 6:11-12

Press in with me. Let's unite in prayer asking that He continue to bring darkness to light. That’s all we're supposed to do here, church. I’m sure of it.


I’m praying for these two men. God knows how to work all things for good and I’m going to trust that He does it.


I love you. God loves you. And, without doubt, Jesus does too!


See you next time.




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