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Having The Flu Just Won't Do

"I can hardly wait to get out into the masses this flu season and see how long it takes me to catch it!"

Said no one ever! 

It is a miserable experience.

And, those of us over 50, young children, and pregnant women run a higher risk of having serious complications. But, there are things you can do to greatly decrease your chances of contracting the virus.

  • Get the flu shot. Even if the vaccination is not 100% effective, you know what they say about an ounce of prevention!

Usually, I am all over the "better safe than sorry" plan, but, personally, I have never been able to get behind the shot.

So, I go old school...

  • Wash your hands. Thoroughly! For at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water and if there's no place to wash your hands, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  • Don't touch your face. Germs can enter your body through your eyes, ears and nose.

  • Disinfect surfaces you touch frequently. Both, at home and at work... and don't forget those shopping cart handles!

  • Eat healthy! That's already a work in progress, right? But, just as an FYI, fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants to strengthen your immune system. Also, adding supplements of Vitamin C and D3 could help protect you from the flu. (As always, check with your doctor before adding supplements or medications to your regimen.)

  • Avoid crowds.

  • Get plenty of rest. It will keep your immune system strong. A tired body is a weak body.

If you follow these tips, you stand a pretty good chance of making it through the flu season unscathed.

Oh... Just a word to the wise. 😏

About that viral post going around social media... Yes, the one that suggests putting triple antibacterial ointment in your nose! 

Don't do that.

The flu is a virus. Antibacterial cream kills bacteria. It's not going to work. Besides, the cream is to be used on your skin, not internally.

And, hey, chicken noodle soup didn't make the official list, so I'm just speaking from experience here. It helps. Maybe, it's just that the nourishment is absorbed quickly, I don't know. But, you feel a bit better and see a tiny light glowing at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Press on!

See you next time,


Neosporin Stock Image Pulled From The Net.

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